Austria Permanent Immigration Programme

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The Austria Permanent Immigration Programmes are administered by
the Migration Department of Austria and regulated by the Settlement and Residence Act.


Austria is a landlocked country in central Europe, with a population of approximately 9 million. Its capital is Vienna, and the official language spoken is German. Austria uses the Euro as its currency.

Austria is one of the world’s most advanced economies and a member of the OECD. Austria is part of the Europe Union and as such citizens have freedom of movement in the Union. It has been one of the best-performing economies in the EU in the last decades. Vienna, its capital, is often ranked by Mercer as one of the best cities for quality of life.

Austria has also become a hub for start-ups and innovation due to its world-class infrastructure. The country has a very dynamic economy geared toward the service industry and innovation. Tourism is also at center stage in Austria’s economy.


The Austria Permanent Immigration Programmes, offer three residence routes for individuals who are economically self-sufficient.

The ‘Self-Employed Key Workers’ route’, is available if through a self-employed occupation in Austria, the applicant creates macroeconomic benefit going beyond the undertaking’s operational benefit. Through the ‘Start-Up Founders’ route, applicants are able to gain residence by establishing a company in order to develop and launch on the market innovative product or service.

Austria presents attractive advantages for businesses with a corporate tax rate at 25%. For individuals, income tax is relatively high but the country does not impose inheritance or wealth tax.


To apply for permanent residence through the Austrian Permanent Immigration Programmes, applicants must:

• Have regular monthly income such as through Austrian or foreign pensions, profits from enterprises abroad, income from assets, savings or company shares. This income must equal the amount of the standard rates of the Austrian General Social Insurance Act (ASVG). Currently these amounts stand at EUR 933.06 for a single applicant, EUR 1,398.97 for a married couple/partners and EUR 143.97 for every minor; and

• Have health insurance coverage, providing benefits in Austria and covering all risks; and

• Provide evidence of a legal title to an accommodation (e.g. by presenting a lease contract) considered adequate for the applicant’s family size according to local standards; and

• Provide evidence of basic German language skills at beginner level;

If applying through the Self-Employed Key Workers route, the applicant is required to:

• Invest a minimum capital of EUR 100,000 in Austria; or
• Create new jobs or secure existing jobs in Austria; or
• Transfer know-how, the introduction of new technologies or create an undertaking of considerable significance for the entire region;

If applying through the Start-Up Founders route, the applicant is required to:

• Establish a company in order to develop and launch innovative products, services, processing methods or technologies; and
• Personally exert controlling influence on the management of the newly set- up company; and
• Prove capital for the company to be founded amounting to EUR 50,000 minimum with an equity share of at least 50%; and
• Score 50 points minimum on the respective points-based scoring mechanism;

If applying through the Settlement Permit – Gainful Employment Excepted route, the applicant is required to have regular monthly income such as through Austrian or foreign pensions, profits from enterprises abroad, income from assets, savings or company shares, which must equal twice the amount of the standard rates of the Austrian General Social Insurance Act (ASVG). Currently these amounts stand at EUR 1,866.12 for a single applicant, EUR 2,797.94 for a married couple/partners and EUR 287.94 for every minor.

Further to this the amount of government-related fees amounts to EUR 185 each for the main applicant and any adult dependents, and EUR 145 for minor dependents.

Our Process


1. Qualify

The CIVIQUO™ process starts by filling in our qualification questionnaire. The questionnaire is a simple online form which helps us to gather all your requirements, whilst ensuring that the essential criteria are met.

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2. Receive Quotes

Our team will use the information you provide to find the best quotes in the market for you. Our growing international network of immigration professionals, means that we can provide the best quotes in the market, for any residency or citizenship programme, anywhere in the world.


3. Confirm

We will send you the quotes and once you have identified a quote which best suits your needs, our team will reconfirm expectations on both sides, a client agreement is signed, and a deposit payment is made.

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4. Application Process

Your chosen service provider, will work with you to start compiling the application. Our concierge-style support will ensure that the process of compiling the application is as smooth as possible.


5. Outcome

Once an application has been submitted, the government authorities review the application and communicate the outcome. This period of time varies depending upon the programme, but it may be used to further explore what opportunities will become available once residency or citizenship are attained.

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6. Renewal & Support

Some residency and citizenship programmes require compliance monitoring, and/or renewals, and together with our service providers, we will make sure that any renewals, or other interventions are done on time, and accurately. Even after this, the CIVIQUO team remains at your service.

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