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Citizen Lane has been founded in 2015 by Till Neumann. Today, we are the number one service provider for Residence-by-Investment in Germany. Moreover, we provide services for the German speaking countries and other selected citizenship and residency programs. Citizen Lane maintains offices in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Turkey.

Our objective is to exceed your expectations through tailor-made solutions. Our team provides legal & handling services for various investor migration programs. This includes the initial application for either citizenship or residency, as well as the renewal of passports or residence permits. We also provide services for company set-ups, registered address in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Malta, Cyprus, and St. Kitts & Nevis.

We deliver a fast, efficient and discrete service, and we value individual client support – even after the conclusion of the application process. Every case is managed by your individual relationship manager and a Partner of Citizen Lane is always involved. Our transparent pricing model is fair and easy. We look forward to be your preferred partner for all citizenship and residency services.


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