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UNIQORN is a unique service provider based in the beautiful Dordogne valley. Not only do we work with top legal and accounting professionals to make your relocation as smooth as possible but we also operate as an accelerator-incubator and can pair you with the perfect start-up, ensuring that your investment is for more than just a visa.

As part of our services, we pair you with a start-up that fits your profile, and prepare any documents related to your investment in an existing UNIQORN company, and the residency permit. If you choose to move to the Dordogne region, we provide an in-depth relocation package. Furthermore, If you would like to incorporate your own business in France, we can also provide services such as personal, French accountants, research & development grant applications, payroll services, company incorporation, and legal and secretary services – for an additional fee.

We provide access to a world class team of investment professionals who understand what investors need when looking at a prospective start-up. We will help you tap into a network of skilled legal and accounting professionals to ease your transition into France.