In 2018, during the first citizenship-by-investment due diligence conference which was held in Malta, Yakof in his role as Head of Risk and Compliance for the Malta citizenship-by-investment government agency, presented to the audience the makings of the first RCBI risk matrix.

As co-creator, Yakof explained that this model ensured that every application is examined thoroughly in a consistent manner and allowed for decisions to be taken systematically and transparently.

With further independent research, the CIVIQUO team are now proud to present the first commercially available Risk Assessment Framework (RAF). CIVIQUO’s RAF furthers the research on the subject of due diligence practice within the residency and citizenship by investment industry, by taking into account additional risk factors, such as the intention for an individual seeking alternative residency or citizenship and taxation.

Furthermore, it expands on the descriptions of the risk categories, and gives clearer definition to the different levels of risks whilst reducing the scale to three levels. The framework is intended to lay the foundations for future research on the practice of due diligence within the residency and citizenship by investment industry.

This aspect was discussed during the EU Commission’s first stakeholder meeting for the RCBI industry. The framework may be adopted by residency-by-investment units (RIUs), citizenship-by-investment units (CIUs), service providers, intermediaries and any other stakeholders or interested parties, simply by registering interest.

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