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The Greece Permanent Residence Permit for Investors application process
is overseen by the Aliens and Immigration Department of the Decentralised Administrations,
and regulated by Articles 8 and 14 of Law 4332/2015, Law 4251/2014 and Joint Ministerial Decision 68019/2015


Greece, officially called the Hellenic Republic, is in the Southern and South-eastern part of Europe with a population of approximately 11 million. Its capital is Athens, and the official language spoken is Greek although English is spoken by many of the locals. Greece adopted the euro as its official currency in 2001, meaning that it was one of the first countries to make use of the euro banknotes and coins.

Greece, a full EU Member State, scores high on all major factors taken into consideration when choosing a new country for relocating, such as quality of life, regulated environment, secure living conditions in urban and rural areas, access to efficient services, residence privileges for family members, freedom to travel, among others. The country presents unique investment opportunities such as ICT, energy, life sciences, export-oriented manufacturing and logistics.


The Greece My Residence permit was launched in 2013 to attract foreign direct investment by facilitating the stay of non-EU nationals, who are granted a five-year residency visa, in return for a real estate investment of EUR 250,000. This visa can be acquired under 90 days and is renewable every five years, if the property investment is retained.

As a member of the European Union and the Eurozone, Greece continues to be the economic hub of Southeast Europe, an ideal gateway to the Middle East, Western Europe, and North Africa, and an emerging logistics hub for the entire region.


To apply for the Greece Golden Visa, applicants must own real estate property in Greece, either personally or through a 100% owned, legal entity based in Greece or another EU member state. The total minimum value of the investment must be of EUR 250,000; or

A lease agreement for a minimum of 10 years, for hotel accommodations or furnished tourist residences in integrated tourist resorts, including timeshare agreements provided the minimum cost of the lease is EUR 250,000;

Further to this, the amount of government-related administrative fees is approximately EUR 2,516 for a single main applicant, and an additional EUR 150 for every adult dependent.

This means that the total capital outlay for a single applicant through the real estate route, is approximately EUR 280,166 including the investment, government fees, typical expenses for the acquisition of the real estate and Property Transfer Tax. This indicative amount excludes service providers’ professional fees and any other statutory taxes.

Our Process


1. Qualify

The CIVIQUO™ process starts by filling in our qualification questionnaire. The questionnaire is a simple online form which helps us to gather all your requirements, whilst ensuring that the essential criteria are met.


3. Confirm

We will send you the quotes and once you have identified a quote which best suits your needs, our team will reconfirm expectations on both sides, a client agreement is signed, and a deposit payment is made.


5. Outcome

Once an application has been submitted, the government authorities review the application and communicate the outcome. This period of time varies depending upon the programme, but it may be used to further explore what opportunities will become available once residency or citizenship are attained.

immigration quotes

2. Receive Quotes

Our team will use the information you provide to find the best quotes in the market for you. Our growing international network of immigration professionals, means that we can provide the best quotes in the market, for any residency or citizenship programme, anywhere in the world.

residency application

4. Application Process

Your chosen service provider, will work with you to start compiling the application. Our concierge-style support will ensure that the process of compiling the application is as smooth as possible.

permit renewal

6. Renewal & Support

Some residency and citizenship programmes require compliance monitoring, and/or renewals, and together with our service providers, we will make sure that any renewals, or other interventions are done on time, and accurately. Even after this, the CIVIQUO team remains at your service.

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